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5 Unique Place Card Ideas from TikTok

As the world continues to change so do our sources for unique wedding ideas. Don't worry; bridal magazines and Pinterest are still far from obsolete, but a new platform is making itself known in the wedding inspiration world... TikTok! It's not just lip-syncing to songs and funny sounds anymore. Many brides and wedding planners and other vendors are sharing their experiences, tips and ideas all over this app. I looked around to find 5 of the coolest place card ideas on TikTok. I hope that you enjoy, and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

1) DIY Animal Place Card Holders

When I saw this video on TikTok I nearly flipped my lid! @heyallie.xo bought all of the toy animals that she could find at thrift stores and turned them into these beautiful place card holders.

I have to admit when I saw the toys before she painted them I had my doubts, but look how pretty they turned out! It looked so simple to accomplish too. This could definitely be a great DIY project for animal loving brides and grooms.

Click here to see the video!

2) Envelope Place Card Wall

Invitation and sign maker @handsomeloveco put a video on TikTok of this beautiful envelope wall that she made. This idea is so simple, but it makes such a beautiful visual statement. It is a great way to show off the color palate of the wedding, and it makes it simple for your guests to find their seats.

You could have a professional like @handsomeloveco put this together or turn this into a DIY date with your fiancé. It would also be awesome if you moved the envelopes up to the top of the wall on the right side, and then you could paint the order of events in the bottom right corner and kill two birds with one stone! Check out the video here!

3) Champagne Glass Place Cards

@creativelyrachael had the idea to start the party off right with a champagne glass place card wall! There are so many things I love about this wall from the hexagon shape of the place cards to the trendy boxwood background. It would be a stunning decoration for your guests to see as they walk into your reception!

You could make this idea to the next level by including a drink choice on your RSVP and having their drink when they walk into the party, or you could have the glasses painted or engraved to give away to your guests. Check out her video here!

4) Backsplash Tile Place Cards

Tile comes in so many unique shapes and textures, and @kassy.krause had the idea to make wedding place cards out of backsplash tiles. I never would have thought of that if I didn't see her video, but it makes so much sense!

I love the shape of the tile that she used, and because the tiles align perfectly they would look beautiful laid out on a table when your guests walk in. Check out the video here!

5) Cutie Place Cards

Aren't these place cards just the "cutest"?! (Get it? "Cutest" because they are made out of cuties!) @sugarplumweddingfairy put this adorable idea up on her TikTok.

I love when things can fulfill two purposes. These will help your guest find their seats and act as a tasty snake to tide them over until dinner. These would be so simple to DIY even if you don't have a Cricut or fancy calligraphy skills. Check out the video here!


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