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What To Include In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

We don't know about you, but around here, we like to have our bases covered when it comes to the "what-ifs" on your big day. This is why we compiled a (hopefully) thorough list of some great items to take to your venue on your wedding day!

But, before we get into it, let's take a moment to prepare ourselves to expect the unexpected. (if that's even possible!) Let's face it, weddings can be seriously stressful! With emotions running high for months leading up to your wedding day, as well as on your wedding day, it can feel very overwhelming at times! As hard as it may seem, make sure to take moments here throughout your entire wedding planning process to step back and ENJOY these life moments! Planning your wedding is such a unique season of your life, and it is filled with beautiful moments and stories that you will be telling for a lifetime! Amidst the chaos, take time to cherish the time spent with those you love most. Whether you're saying "yes" to your dream dress, touring your venue, or even DIY-ing your décor, these moments are so special and unique to your beautiful wedding story! Celebrate and cherish these moments, even amongst the chaos of the planning process. We promise- it's going to be worth it!

Building Your Kit:

Anyways, let's get back to what you came here for- your wedding day emergency kit! Let's break it down into 3 categories; Personal Care, Clothing Care, and Peace Of Mind Items! And of course, this is your wedding day, so feel free to personalize and adapt this kit to fit your needs! Need to add something? Go for it!

Make sure to keep the items in your kit together! May we recommend a cute bag, bin, or tote? Whatever it is that floats your boat, keeping your items together in an easy grab-and-go container will help keep your peace of mind on your wedding day, knowing that all of your helpful items are in one place!

Personal Care Items

All those little things to make everything just a little more convenient for you!

  • Tylenol or Advil

    • Seriously, we cannot recommend this enough! Who wants to deal with a headache on their wedding day?

  • Toothpaste and a Toothbrush

    • Lettuce stuck in your teeth? Not anymore!

  • Deodorant

    • Let's be real, nerves make you sweat! Let's keep everything feeling fresh!

  • First Aid Kit

    • Blisters, Bug Bites, Chafing, you name it! Head on over to the travel section at your favorite store and pick one up to ease those ailments!

  • Pads or Tampons

    • Even if you don't think you'll need them, it's always great to be prepared!

  • Medication

    • Whatever your normal routine is, don't let your wedding throw you off! Pack an extra dose just to be sure!

  • Extra Hairspray, Bobby Pins, and a Small Brush!

    • Let's keep your hair looking great on your wedding day!

  • Lipstick, Setting Powder, or Clear Nail Polish

    • Let's be prepared for some extra touch ups, just incase!

  • Mints or Gum!

    • Keep it minty fresh for that first kiss! (Or whatever your favorite flavor is!)

Clothing Care

Wardrobe mishaps can happen! Spills, Snags, or Stains, we get it! Let's keep you prepared to handle these things when they happen!

  • Tide Pen

    • Stains happen! Keep a Tide Pen handy to tackle any that happen to come your way.

  • Sewing Kit

    • A mini sewing kit will be a lifesaver! Whether you're reattaching a button or just need a safety pin or some mini scissors, they're SO handy!

  • Anti-Static Spray

    • Who wants to deal with static cling? Not us!

  • Handheld Steamer

    • Let's face it: Dresses and suits can totally wrinkle! A handheld steamer is super easy to use, and will help get those last-minute wrinkles out of whatever needs it!

  • Directions On How To Bustle Your Dress

    • The last thing you want to do is scramble to remember how your bustle works! Whether you have a video or written directions, this will seriously come in handy after the ceremony!

  • Super Glue

    • Super glue can fix so, so many things. Enough said!

  • Lint Roller

    • Keep that lint, dog hair, or fuzz at bay!

Peace Of Mind Items

All of those little things that you'd love to have, just incase you need a backup!

  • Flip Flops or Flats

    • After being on your feet all day, a backup pair of comfy shoes may just be the thing you need!

  • Backup Earrings and Earring Backs

    • As we all know, earrings can fall out! Sometimes at the most inconvenient times! A backup pair is always a good idea!

  • Extra Contacts or Glasses

    • If you wear them, you just know!

  • Snacks

    • For those pre-ceremony munchies!

  • Water Bottles!

    • Dehydration is a no-go! Let's stay hydrated so you can have fun!

What do you think? Is there anything we are missing? If you're already married, share with us in the comments on what your favorite emergency kit items were on your wedding day!


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