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Meet Your Stylist

At Premiere Couture, your stylist is committed to making your bridal shopping experience unforgettable. She is here to listen to your ideas, understand your needs, honor your story, and make sure that you feel comfortable and valued throughout the entire process.

You don't have to take our word for it, read what their clients say about them.

Expert Stylist Sarah of Premiere Couture photo by Studio 501 Photography.jpg


Lead Expert Stylist

"I had an absolutely amazing time at Premiere Couture! Sarah really made my day a dream come true, she went above and beyond to make me feel special and make the appointment about me! She really listened to what I wanted and was so respectful of my budget. Even before my appointment they went out of their way to message, call, and email to get to know more about me, my style, and what I would like. They even had my favorite dresses pulled for me before I arrived!! I absolutely loved my stylist Sarah, she was so kind, knowledgeable, and just absolutely amazing overall! I can't say enough good things about my appointment! It truly is a day that I will never forget and I will never forget how special I felt."

- Emily Knuth


Expert Stylist

"My consultant was Lauren and she was incredible!! She made my dress shopping experience extremely special and definitely helped make up for my terrible experience at a different store earlier that day. I love that Premiere Couture selects a few gowns ahead of time so you can jump right into trying on dresses. Between that and my sister/MOH texting ahead of time what we loved and worked best during my other store appointment that morning, Lauren actually picked my perfect dress based off of what we described!! She was also extremely knowledgeable on what alterations the seamstress/tailor could possibly make to help make your dress 100% perfect to you and even researched into all of my questions I had between my follow-up appointment."

-Alicia Cheversia

Jerica of Premiere Couture photo by Studio 501 Photography.jpg


Expert Stylist

"Would give 6 stars if I could. A+ experience. Jerrica (I hope I spelt that right!!) was so amazing!! She really made my visit feel special, I loved that we had a conversation throughout the visit, and that she really got to know me! Between the little gift in the beginning, to going above and beyond to help me pick out what I like, to the follow up."

                                                                -Annika Jacobson


Expert Stylist

"The whole team from Premiere was amazing. I had help from Ally and she absolutely knows her stuff and is so kind. I had sent her some photos in preparation of my appointment and this girl literally pulled dresses that totally matched with the vibe and feel that I wanted and then some. Honestly she is so good that "the dress" ended up being the first dress she had pulled for me.

I had such an amazing experience here and would highly recommend any bride come check them out. I felt that I was really listened to when I mentioned what I wanted or was looking for and they went above and beyond for me."

                                                - Rebecca Williams



Expert Stylist

"Julia was my stylist this past Saturday and she was absolutely amazing to work with! I was able to give the girls a description beforehand of what my perfect dress was to look like. They then took these descriptions and sent me a sneak peek video! I was welcomed with so much happiness and felt like the whole time was so personalized! Julia even made me a little gift showing how above and beyond they go at this boutique. I had the best time finding my dream dress at Premiere Couture!"

                                                    - Brittany Decker


Expert Mom Stylist

"Melissa did a great job choosing Mother of the Bride dresses for me to try on. Found the perfect dress in the color that I  was hoping to get. Such a great experience. Thank you!"

                                                         - Anne Brickl



Expert Prom and Bridal Stylist

"I had an amazing experience at Premiere Couture and all the dresses are amazing and beautiful and I absolutely love the prom dress that I picked out, Anna definitely made the experience 100% better with helping me try on dresses and just making me feel comfortable in my environment. I'm definitely coming back for a senior prom dress next year. My mom had a good experience too she loved watching me try on dresses and she loved meeting Anna."

                                                    -Kenna Sterwald

Maybe it's you!

Expert Stylist To Be

Maybe it's time you explored a new, fulfilling, and exciting career! We are always on the lookout for kind, hard-working, teachable individuals that want to grow and learn and celebrate brides and moms! You can apply right here! It's so easy! And then let's see about putting YOUR picture here with the kind words from someone who's day you made!

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