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Lush and Lovely (1).png
Lush & Lovely
$2000 - $3000

No compromises: all the bells and whistles

The Sweet Shop.png
The Sweet Shop
$1400 - $2000

These are sweets any bride can enjoy: wedding dresses that are just right and all wow.

Affordable and Adorable.png
Affordable & Adorable
$1000 - $1400

It's just want you want: nothing more, nothing less.

One of the first questions we get when brides begin to shop is about price. This is unfamiliar territory, and you don't necessarily know what to expect. We decided to give you a hand with that and offer a taste of what you can expect in our three most common price points.

Wedding dresses are uniquely beautiful with a truly timeless appeal. Only once you try them on can you truly appreciate their qualities and determine if it's "the one." But you need only browse through each gallery to find that there are adorable, just-right, and uncompromising wedding dresses in every category. So whatever your plan is, we've got you. 

Galleries represent examples of only a small portion of each collection you'll find in our boutique.

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings fall into both The Sweet Shop and Lush & Lovely

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