Premiere Couture is that place you've been looking for, where relationships are valued and real life moments are created.

It all started when a mother and daughter just wanted to help brides sort out their wedding details and then blossomed over the next twenty-five years into two best friends working together to create the best possible experience for women celebrating some of the most significant events in their lives.  From the first big dance to the walk down the aisle, Laura and Rosemary understand these moments are forever imprinted on the minds of each woman who walks through their door and they are passionate about securing the best possible dress story for them all. 

But how about that name. Why Premiere Couture? It can be tricky to say and even trickier to spell.

So why did we choose it? So glad you asked!

Premiere has it's roots in the Latin and French words that mean first in importance, primary, principal. And that is exactly how we see you! We want every bride who walks through our doors to feel like she is the most important person to us and that is what shapes every decision we make and who we are.

Couture has it's roots firmly in France's fashion world of haute couture: the high end, creative, and beautiful (sometimes puzzling) designs that are cut-to-measure, highly exclusive and very expensive. When we're at market shopping for wedding dresses, we take what we love about couture - beautiful, often customizable designs created with the most wonderful fabrics, glorious details, and expert construction and we leave what we don't love - high price tags and inaccessability.  What we end up with is what we like to refer to as "couture-ish": blow-your-mind beautiful dresses that are both truly special and surprisingly affordable. On your wedding day we want you to feel the most exquisite, most couture, most beautiful you have ever felt. So, in a nutshell, 

Premiere Couture means you are always first, and the wedding dress you choose here will make you feel the best and most beautiful you've ever felt in your entire life.

Planning a wedding?

Laura and Rosemary travel the country to put together a collection of dresses that will speak to the hearts and minds of any bride, be they understated and refined in their tastes or looking to be the dazzling princess and everything in between.  From exclusive designs to the truly customizable, the bridal gown collection is second to none and with prices ranging between $800 and $2500, a truly VIP experience is accessible to everyone.  But even the most beautiful gowns aren't enough if you don't have the tools to navigate this entirely new realm which is why it is the goal of every expert stylist on Team Premiere Couture to guide you with love and wisdom as you find the self-expressive gown that makes you feel simultaneously beautiful and at home.


How about the store itself?

Even the location in the enchanting village of Cambridge, lends an air of ease and comfort.  Located on Highway 12, Premiere Couture is easy to find, nestled among other great downtown shops and parking is free and ample. The boutique itself exudes an irresistible charm in what was once the local hardware store and still sports the measuring markers in the wooden floors and the Shwinn Dealer sticker on an interior window.  The intimate and welcoming boutique features three large fitting rooms for brides and four fitting rooms for prom, homecoming, mothers of the day and special events and are arranged to make everyone involved in the process feel special and well cared-for.

We are open! 

Our capacity is limited

so book your appointment now!

Tuesday -Friday:  10 AM - 6 PM

Saturday: 10 AM- 4 PM

 Sunday, Monday and Holidays: Closed


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​As we keep work to make our environment safe for everyone, appointments are required.  But no worries!  Especially during the week we can often accommodate last minute requests. 

Need an appointment outside of our normal business hours? Just ask!

Dress pick ups (we call them Reveals) require a reservation. Please call, text or email to schedule your Reveal!


Beautiful and fun dresses and gowns for weddings, prom, homecoming

and every social occasion. Conveniently located to serve the Madison area.

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