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3 Memorable Unity Ceremony Ideas

There is an endless amount of ways to make your wedding day, and your wedding ceremony special, your unity ceremony should be no exception to that! Your entire ceremony should be exactly what you make it, and it should reflect you and your spouse's life, interests, and values.

This is exactly why we have compiled a list of some really awesome ways to celebrate your commitment to each other and unity together as a couple. And as an added bonus- lots of unity ceremony ideas can include items that can turn in to great keepsakes or heirlooms! A souvenir, in a sense, of your special day!

Tying The Knot- Literally!

This unity ceremony idea not only makes for a great pun (my favorite!), but also does a great job at symbolizing the fact that you are quite literally tying the knot with your spouse! Now, if you are looking for a specific knot to tie, let us recommend the fisherman's knot! Not only is it one of the strongest knots you can tie, but it also gets tighter with pressure, which is a beautiful representation of great relationships.

Wine Blend Unity Ceremony

Calling all wine lovers! This is THE idea for you. If you have ever dreamed of having your own custom wine blend, now is your chance! Mixing two of your favorite wines during your ceremony will be a great symbolism you and your spouse's lives coming together as one! After you and your spouse create your custom blend, toast to your beautiful future as a married couple!

Sign Your Marriage License

Seriously, sign your marriage license during your ceremony! This one comes highly recommended by one of our expert stylists, Jerica. If you are looking to do something that literally seals the deal on you and your spouses love and commitment to each other, this is it! We recommend having a small table where you can sign on, and this would be a great time for some music too! This is such a great way for you and your spouse to take a moment for just the two of you in the middle of your ceremony.


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