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5 Picture Perfect Makeup Tips

Tobi Bolt is a wonderful friend that also happens to be our favorite makeup artist. She has kindly put together these great tips for you and we are certain you will find them super helpful. Tobi has helped both of us with our makeup as mothers-of-the-day as well as wedding day makeup for Marlie, Rosemary's daughter, and Rebecca, Laura's daughter-in-law and countless special events for Anna, Laura's daughter. Visit Tobi's Facebook page for more insider tips and beauty and make sure your wedding day makeup is every bit as beautiful and "you" as your wedding dress.


Choosing a professional makeup artist can be a pampering touch that makes you feel beautiful on your wedding day while protecting your investment in your photography. Peace of mind comes from working with an experienced bridal makeup pro who understands the unique balance of designing a look that is flawless for close ups while looking polished in photos. Professional products and techniques will last all day through hours of smiles and happy tears.

Here are five tips to get the most from your bridal makeup:

1. It starts with skin! Be sure to address any skincare issues first to have a beautiful palette to

apply color. Avoid any skin treatments the week of the wedding to avoid unexpected redness or breakouts.

2. Lay the foundation for a beautiful look. Have your makeup artist professionally match your

foundation for both depth and undertone. Choose a non-reflective foundation that won’t

“ghost” in photos. Be sure to match your actual skin tone for a polished look.

3. Schedule a trial run. Be sure to book your consultation at least one month before the wedding day to design a look with your makeup artist so you can experience your bridal look on your face. Not only can you tweak the details of your look during this appointment, but it’s important to try the products you’ll wear to check for irritation and longevity. Plus, you’ll be so relaxed on your Big Day with no makeup surprises.

4. Brow wow! Have your brows professionally shaped two weeks before the wedding and work with your makeup artist during your trial to fill your brows with the correct balance of products so you’ll look polished, but authentically you.

5. Opposites attract. Collaborate with your makeup artist to select colors that are opposite your eye color, mixed with neutrals, to bring out your eyes. Be subtle and avoid distinct trends as bridal makeup should always be timeless. Ask: “how will I feel about this look when I enjoy my photos in 20 years?”

Be sure to ask your makeup artist how much time they’ll need on the wedding day to execute the look so you can work out the details of your schedule (generally makeup comes after hair and before gowns). And here’s a pro tip after decades of being with brides on their wedding day: having on-site hair and makeup will make your day run smoothly and give you and your bridal party the pampering you deserve as you get ready to say “I do.”


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