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How To Pull Off A Picture Perfect Sparkler Send-Off

If you are looking to end your wedding reception with an EPIC exit that also allows you to capture great photos, look no further. Sparkler send offs are a great way to top off the wedding day of your dreams.

We've compiled a list with some great tips to give you the most picturesque moments of your first send off as a married couple!

A groom dips his bride for a kiss while surrounded by enthusiastic guests holding sparklers
Premiere Couture VIP Bride Hannah and her husband photographed by Rachel Bean Photography

1 Stay away from matches!

Instead, opt for a traditional lighter, or a grill lighter. Even better- opt for more than one! Matches can be really tricky and they don't burn for too long, so a traditional lighter or a grill lighter will burn longer and simplify the process. The quicker you can light the sparklers, the more burn time you get, which means the more opportunity for your photographers to take great photos of your grand exit. As a general rule of thumb, you should purchase 1 lighter for every 8 guests to allow the lighting process to run smoothly.

2. Get the right type of sparkler!

Getting the correct type of sparklers can make or break your sparkler exit. There are two things you should keep in mind when looking for sparklers to purchase: You're going to want sparklers that are smokeless, and sparklers that are long enough in length to burn for the desired amount of time. The longer the sparklers that you purchase, the more burn time you will get, which can help reduce chaos and stress leading up to the exit! Smokeless sparklers will also help your photographer capture GREAT photos of you and your partner!

3. Pick an equally epic send-off song!

Seriously, with an exit that is this epic, you'll need music to match. Find the song that matches the vibe of your wedding day, and come up with a plan to have it playing during your exit. Everything is better with a little bit of music.

A bride and groom kiss in an embrace surrounded by sparklers held by their guests.
Premiere Couture VIP Bride Chelsae and her husband Aaron photographed by Ben and Katya Photography


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