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Wedding Day Hair: Top 5 FAQ

Congrats! You’re getting married! There is a lot to do and planning can feel overwhelming. Sometimes you have a perfect vision for your wedding day and sometimes you feel lost and overwhelmed by the entire process. The Artists at ANiU Salon & Spa, including myself, are dedicated to meeting you wherever you’re at and guiding you on your bridal beauty journey. Today, I’ll answer the top 5 questions I hear from Brides-to-be!

  1. When do I book my bridal beauty appointments? Our full-time Bridal Coordinator will help you reserve your date up to one year in advance. It is helpful to get acquainted with your Hair Artist early! Visit their Instagram page and send them a message, book a free 15-minute in-person consultation, or schedule a blowdry, haircut, or color service with them! Make sure you are compatible! You can reserve your date and then work with our Bridal Coordinator to firm up who is coming and which services are needed. It’s very helpful to have someone walking you through this process and our Bridal Coordinator is available via phone or email to answer all your questions along the way!

  2. How do I determine my beauty budget? Hopefully you knew to budget for beauty services when you created your wedding budget! We are very transparent with our pricing at ANiU Salon & Spa and you can find all the information you need on our website. It is helpful to consider other beauty services you might need besides your day-of services and trial appointments. Do you want your nails done? Do you need a Customized Facial service the week before? Would you like Extensions or Haircolor? Make a list of services you’d like and see if you have the time and money to get it all done before the big day!

  3. How do I know what styles will work with my hair? This is a necessary consideration in deciding what hairstyle to wear. Consider if you are open to wearing hair extensions or if you’d like only your natural hair. Your natural hair might limit your style selection but we can do almost anything with hair extensions! We offer color-matching, installation and education on all our extension options including Clip In, Tape-In, Hand-Tied Weft, or Keratin Fusion Bonded Extensions. Book a free 15-minute consultation and bring some pictures of what you like! We can discuss all the options in person to determine what style best compliments you, your dress, and venue.

  4. When do I schedule my hair trial? Great question! This is usually the first question brides ask our Bridal Coordinator! We recommend doing a run through 2-4 weeks before the wedding day but it is helpful to meet your Hair Artist well before this date if possible. Finding a hairdresser is like dating! You really need to get along and have similar taste. Meeting each other early will also help determine what needs to be done to your hair to obtain your desired look. Since we only recommend doing a trial 2-4 weeks before, meeting your Artist early means there will be time to make the necessary adjustments to your hair if any are needed.

  5. When should I get my hair cut or colored before the wedding? This is asked by almost every bride and the answer is very dependent on the individual asking. A gloss, trim or color touch up the week of the wedding is great! Never make big changes right before the wedding. Lots of brides are interested in highlights or Balayage to add dimension to the hair and while this is absolutely a must, it should be something you want and not something you feel you have to do.

I hope you learned a little something and feel more confident about planning your beauty services! Remember, the first step is always to call or email our Bridal Coordinator. She is more than happy to answer all your questions along the way! Happy planning!

Winona is a Hair Artist at ANiU Salon & Spa in Middleton, WI. She has worked with Brides in the beauty industry for 10+ years and specializes in Extensions, Balayage, Hair Painting, and Corrective Color. She is certified in Hand-Tied Weft Extensions, Tape-In Extensions, Clip In Extensions and Keratin Fusion Bonded Extensions. She is a skilled member of ANiU’s Bridal Team offering upstyling, extension, and color services for weddings and special occasions.


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