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Beyond the Classic Guest Book

Guest books are a fantastic way to remember your wedding day and the friends and family who shared in the celebration. Each signature reminds you of their love. But no one said it had to be boring. Why not choose something that reflects your personality, is fun for each guest to sign, or maybe even say? Here are our top 8 picks!

  1. Record Guest Book - Do you love music? Then a record guest book is a perfect option! After the wedding, you can frame it and remember the best day ever! Photo by Anastasiia Photography

2. Message in a Bottle - This is a fun guest book that you can open on your first anniversary! Have a large guest list? Have 3 bottles - 1 for your 1st anniversary, 1 for your 5th, and another to open in 10 years! Find it here.

3. Polaroid Guest Book - With a couple of super cute Instax cameras your guest can take some fun selfies so you instantly have photos of all your guests! Good advice for this one - be sure to have a friend man the guest book so everyone gets a fab photo!

4. Quilt Guest Book - Are you feeling crafty? This one is super easy. All you need are quilt squares and fabric pens. Guests sign the quilt squares and after the wedding, you or a professional can create a quilt or wall hanging to enjoy for years to come. Photo by Michael Radford Photography

5. Puzzle Guest Book - This one is super fun! Have each guest sign a puzzle piece and as you put the puzzle together you reminisce about the day. You can glue it together and hang it up or keep it as a puzzle and enjoy putting it together on each anniversary! Pick one up here.

6. Globe Guest Book - This one is a great option for those that love to travel or for couples with family all over the globe. Guests can sign the globe where they live or where you should travel next. Photo by Erin McGinn Photography

7. Jenga Guest Book - Who doesn't love a good game of Jenga? It's even better when your friends and family have signed pieces and you get to remember the best day ever! Get yours here.

8. FeteFone Guest Book - What's better than a guest's signature? Hearing their voice! FeteFone rents you a cool vintage phone where guests can record a sweet message. After the wedding, they edit the recordings together and you have those messages to listen to forever! So meaningful!! Do you have a unique idea? We'd love to see your beyond-the-classic guest book! See more great ideas at

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