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8 Things You Need to Know Before You Shop For Your Wedding Dress

Chances are you have never shopped for a wedding dress before and while it can seem a little daunting, we are here to tell you that it can and should be so awesome and fun. Whether you shop at Premiere Couture (which we hope you do, of course) or another shop, here are a few things that will help you feel more prepared and ready to make the most of it.

1. Remember every bride's experience is unique. If your best friend cried when she found her gown that's fantastic, but it may not be how you respond. Did your sister go to three stores and you found yours right away? Awesome! This is your moment and your story will be one of a kind.

2. Come prepared with a budget and general style of your wedding. It's awesome to have an open mind during your appointment but having a vision and budget will help your stylist immensely. A master stylist will also pull gowns outside of your original vision but they will want to start with what's in your heart and head.

3. Come ready to find your gown but don't force it. It may only take one great shopping experience to find your gown. Trust your gut and know that it's ok to say yes to the dress your first time out. On the other hand if you're not loving it but everyone else is, trust yourself and sleep on the decision.

4. Take a little extra time getting ready on shopping day. Everyone will be taking photos of you from every angle when you're shopping. It will be a good day to consider how you want to look in photos. Do you want to have perfect makeup? Done-up hair or just be casual? It's up to you!

5. It's a great day for nude undergarments. This is just practical. Wedding dress shopping is the perfect day to pull out your best nude (seamless if you've got 'em) undergarments.

6. Timing is everything. When shopping with 6 months or less to the wedding, shopping from the bridal salon's off the rack collection may be the best option. Made-to-order bridal gowns sometimes take 4-6 months to arrive so shopping early is a brilliant idea! The general rule of thumb is the more time you have, the more options you have.

7. Bring those who share your vision. When thinking about who to bring with you shopping consider those in your life who listen best to what you love and who you wouldn't want to miss being a part of your day.

8. Surprises are the best part of the story.

Have fun, enjoy the day and until then, happy planning!


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