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Real Premiere Couture VIP Bride: Libby

Today we are sharing Real Premiere Couture VIP Bride Libby & Ryan's gorgeous summer wedding! LOVE the advice she shares - "Go on a date the Wednesday before the wedding." YES! Great advice!

There's just nothing like seeing our beautiful brides on their wedding day with the person they love<3 It's just magical!

Libby shared their love story, tons of awesome advice for other brides who are in planning mode, lots of vendors, and sent us a few of their super lovely wedding photos:

A husband and wife on their wedding day embracing each other while smiling

Tell us your love story!

"Ryan and I met in college at UW-River Falls. We both have two different stories of how we “met” but the better one is my version. We had a class together with a professor that neither of us liked. He sat in the row in front of me during the lab portion of that class and I was quite vocal about how much I disliked our professor, so he got to listen to me complain about that a lot. I also think I’m quite the comedian, so I’m sure he enjoyed my quips from the back row that our teacher never heard. Thanks to a mutual friend, we got each other’s phone numbers and the rest is history. We’d been dating for just over four years and I always joked that if he didn’t propose by year #5 I was going to find someone else because who waits that long to decide if they want to spend forever with someone?! He surprised me in June of 2022 with an after work strawberry picking date (which I might add was on a day that was about 95 degrees so I was determined to postpone this date, but he was insistent, now I know why😅) It was just him and me and our dog Koda out in the strawberry field and he got down on one knee. Nobody in my family knew, so it was a fun surprise for everyone. (My dad had known that Ryan was going to propose since March and was getting nervous that Ryan wasn’t ever actually going to)"

a close-up look of a bride's white and red roses, yellow sunflowers, and baby's breath bouquet

Where did you get married?

"We got married on August 5th at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Jefferson with a reception at a private location on our friend’s farm, just west of Watertown."

A bride and groom kiss after saying their wedding vows in front of a super elaborate stained glass and detailed wood archetechture church stage

What's one thing you wish you knew when planning?

"One thing I wish I knew when planning my wedding was that everyone waits for the bride. You can plan all you want, down to the very minute of the day, but nothing ever goes that smoothly so just go with it. Have a rough estimate of times, but don’t sweat it if you’re 15 minutes behind schedule for the dessert cutting (I would have said cake, but we had pie so 🤷🏼‍♀️) It’s totally fine to take your time going through each part of the day because it’s the ONE day you never get to do again. Soak up every minute because you’ll get into bed on your wedding night and it will all be over. You don’t get to actually do that day you just had ever again and you don’t want to have rushed anything."

A beautiful bride smiles in her wedding dress with her hand on her hip

What advice would you give brides?

"A piece of advice that was given to me as a bride was to go on a date the Thursday or Wednesday before the wedding with your fiancé. Go get margaritas and tacos or sit down for a nice dinner, just the two of you. Live in the moment and remind each other to soak in the next couple of days because they fly by and a lot of times, you won’t actually get a minute to be with just your partner until it’s all over."

A groom adjusts his suit vest outside in front of lush green grass and trees

What was your Premiere Couture experience?

"My experience at Premiere Couture was amazing. From the time I booked my appointment to try on dresses up until the week before my wedding, they were nothing but supportive, kind and made me feel special. Mariah sent me the most awesome video of dress ideas, and had the cutest little scene for me when I first arrived with snacks, pictures of me and Ryan and even a “bride to be” sash (just one more to add to my collection). The entire staff was welcoming, made me feel beautiful and were as happy as I was to find my dress. I can’t tell you how much I loved my dress. I wanted to live in it and I never wanted to take it off. I felt beyond beautiful in it and it hurts my heart that I’ll never wear it again. Rosemary and Laura continued to check in on me even after I got my dress, and sent me the most perfect stud earrings that I ended up wearing on my wedding day. I can’t recommend Premiere enough to every bride I meet. It was one of the best parts of the whole “bride” experience and it is all thanks to the staff."

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

"My favorite part of my wedding day was looking out over the room while we were at the head table during dinner and seeing all the people that Ryan and I love in the same room celebrating with us. Seeing them all interact, talk, laugh and smile with each other made my heart swell. It meant the world to both of us that so many of our friends and family were not only standing next to us while we said “I do” but also celebrating and supporting us as we started our official future together."


Church - St. John’s Lutheran Church, Jefferson

Reception - Private property of the Morris Family in Watertown

Dress - Premiere Couture💕💕

Tuxes - Sandra D’s in Watertown (super easy to work with even with out of town guests!)

Photographer - J. Tay Photography, LLC. (not only is Jordan a family friend (you’ll have that after shooting my sisters wedding and both my niece and my nephew’s newborn sessions) but she’s also an amazing photographer, she truly cares about her clients and is very talented. She makes you feel comfortable, helps the awkward people of your group feel confident and truly makes the day go so smoothly)

Videographer - Photo & Film by SarahElizabeth Sarah is amazing. She’s fun, quirky, sarcastic, a little bit bossy, but so extremely talented at what she does. I wasn’t sold on the idea of a videographer, but I’m sure glad I picked her because, wow, AMAZING)

Catering - Stoddard’s Meat Market and Catering, Cottage Grove (FOOD WAS EXCEPTIONAL, and Jerry, the owner, is FANTASTIC to work with, many compliments on the food from guests)

Dessert - Pie from Jelli’s Market

Bar snacks - Chippy’s Popcorn, Beaver Dam (SO GOOD!)

DJ - Sound by Design, Glendale (Torie was AWESOME!! He came in on short notice, Ryan our original DJ from them was sick, so Torie, the OWNER, filled in and he was awesome, the day was perfect thanks to him. The dance floor was FULL all night, and he listened to my many requests. They also brought the Photo Booth, which is now an archive full of blackmail photos of many of my drunk wedding guests that I’ll treasure forever)

Flowers - Flowers by T, Watertown (Tina is wonderful and even used my homegrown sunflowers in the bouquets and boutonnières)

Alterations - Mary Jo 💕

Party Bus - Partridge Family Party Bus, Hubertus

Rings - Barnes Jewelers, Oconomowoc



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