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Picture Perfect Makeup 101

On Sunday, March 10th, we had the pleasure of hosting a Picture Perfect Makeup 101 class here at Premiere Couture in collaboration with our favorite makeup artist, Tobi Bolt (our 1# Wedding Makeup Pro pick), and it was a blast!

This class was for our VIP brides only, and it was such a treat to see familiar faces and to learn from the best, Tobi, whose energy is so warm, welcoming, and kind! Not only did she teach valuable tips with her expert knowledge, but she also kept the class feeling laid back and enjoyable.

To top it off, we poured bubbly and served sweet treats for everyone in attendance, and our VIP brides who attended got a super fun swag bag full of goodies! The total package for a little Girls Day outing💕


Once a Premiere Couture VIP, always a Premiere Couture VIP- which is why we love to have events like this one for our brides, to keep the fun and celebration going! Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to hang with your bestie and drink bubbly and eat fun treats?! ✨️

If you missed this VIP class, don't worry! This was one of the several classes a part of our VIP class series, so we will surely host her again in the future, just keep an eye open for the next VIP class on our social media! 💗


Enjoy some moments from the class in the gallery below:


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