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Top 5 Winter Date Night Ideas

There is a chill in the air, which can only mean one thing...Snow is around the corner! No, we don't all love snow, but it can make for some super fun dates that help bring out our inner child. Whether you want to play outside, or stay in the warm indoors, we have a date night for you. :)

Here are my top date nights for you to have this winter:

1. Sledding: Go find a huge hill in your town and bring along your sleds or tubes. You can sled together, or have sledding races. A bonus is that you will already be bundled up, so you can follow up by making crazy snow angels!

2. Build a snowman or have a snowman building competition: Team work or friendly competition? It's your choice here. Either work together to make a snowman of your choosing, or compete to find who can make the best themed snowman. Who can make the tallest, cutest, best animal related, or most unique snowman? Build your snowman, post pictures online, and watch the votes roll in while drinking a warm drink.

3. Go ice skating: Find your local skating rink and have a night out doing tricks or re-learning how to skate.

4. Have a themed gift swap: Make a list of themes (board games, beverage, animals, etc), cut them out, and fill a hat. Set a monetary amount and then each pick a theme for the other. Go shopping, wrap your gift to match, and enjoy a night in with a movie enjoying your new gifts. :)

5. Go to a light show: Everywhere is within driving distance of a light show! Be it walkthrough or drive through, light shows are a great way to spend a night. Here are some of our favorites in Wisconsin. Let us know yours!

Janesville, Holiday Lights at Rotary Botanical Gardens

La Crosse, Rotary Lights at Riverside Park

Madison, Holiday Fantasy Lights at Olin Park


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