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Lindsay & Jayce October 22, 2022

Are you ready for another real Premiere Couture VIP wedding? This couple met because of Lindsay's love of Basset Hounds! Congratulations Lindsay & Jayce!

A brunette bride holds back her veil while standing at a microphone in front of her groom at the alter.

Tell us about your love story! I never had a dog, but I grew up next door to Basset Hounds and loved them but didn't see one in years. Then one day I went over to a friend's boyfriend's house and met the most adorable Basset Hound named Joe. I knew I had to meet his owner, so my friend introduced me to her boyfriend's roommate who happened to be Jayce, my now husband! After 5 years we were up at my family cabin where we spend every 4th of July with close friends and family and he brought me down to my favorite spot, which is our dock at sunset and he proposed in front of everyone, it was a magical and such a meaningful moment.

A bride and groom standing at the alter on a beautiful fall day with their bridal party and an audience of loved ones.

Where did you get married? Lake Windsor Country Club

What is one thing you wish you knew when planning your wedding? I think we did it right and gave ourselves lots of time to plan. We got engaged in July 2020 and married in Oct 2022 and because we left enough time and made sure to continue to get things done along the way so as to not let it all pile up right at the end, it overall was a pretty unstressful time in planning it.

The bridal party in front of beautiful fall trees with their arms in the air in celebration.

What advice would you give brides? Don't sweat the small stuff the day of. I am an event planner so I know not everything goes perfectly, and you just need to roll with it and not worry about it, because it is still going to be the best day ever and just take in every moment you can!

A bride and groom embracing in the dark in front of their reception venue which has a wall of windows lit up by warm yellow lights.

What was your experience like at Premiere Couture? I had 3 dress appointments that day and Premiere Couture was first and I ended up canceling the rest of my appointments! It was great that ahead of my appointment I spoke with someone on the phone to get an idea of my style and what I was looking for, then they sent me some sample pics a day prior which made it very personable. The store was so cute and it was our group and one other, and we pretty much had the whole side of the store so it felt very intimate and the fitting area was beautiful. It was great that the person helping us kept pulling different dresses as I didn't find what I was looking for right away, but after a few try-ons, I found 2 I really liked. I was torn and the person helping us told me to close my eyes and open them while I am wearing each one and see which one I think is the dress and it worked! I immediately started crying when I saw myself in my dress. The process was great from setting up the appointment, finding the dress, and even after the follow-up in picking up my veil, the dress, and the sweet card and gift that was sent! The whole experience was awesome and made a stressful situation, fun and a time to remember!

A groom standing in front of his bride at the alter reading her his vows from a piece of paper into a microphone.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

It's hard to pick one! I would say the moment I saw Jayce for the first time that day. We did a first look and it made the day so much less stressful in that we could take that moment together just us two prior to committing officially in front of all of our family and friends.

A groom leans against a pillar as his bride stands in front of him. they are smiling at each other.

Any vendors you'd love to share: Florist - @Sun Prairie Flowers by Hen & Chick Photographer - Gravity Photo Co. Venue - Lake Windsor Country Club


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