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Cynthia & Drew

He saw her face, and he was a believer. Today we are sharing Cynthia and Drew's beautiful wedding at fête of Wales .

Tell us your story!

We met in my sophomore year of high school! He saw my picture in my mom's classroom and knew he wanted to get to know me. We started talking and never stopped! My senior year of high school he gave me a promise ring on a deck at the winter light show at Rotary Gardens in Janesville. My sophomore year of college, he completely surprised me and proposed at the same spot! It was the perfect proposal

What is one thing you wish you knew when planning your wedding? I wish I did not stress as much about the little details. Everything fell into place and I did not need to stress as much as I did!

What advice would you give brides? I would tell every bride that the day goes by so quickly so just have fun, and don't stress about little things! I cherished every moment and went with the flow and it was amazing.

What was your experience like at Premiere Couture?

My experience was absolutely amazing! We had fun, she made my group feel welcome and laughed with us as we found my perfect dress. I could not have imagined a better experience!

What was your favorite moment of your wedding? My favorite moment was marrying the man of my dreams with my friends and family around me supporting us and giving us love. It was amazing to be surrounded by so much love and happiness and having everyone there to celebrate me and Drew meant the world.


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