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Kirsten & Ahmed July 23, 2022

Bride in a stunning platinum strapless ballgown with her blonde hair in a neat updo smiles bridghtly at her groom who is wearing a charcoal grey suit and glasses.

When and where did you get married?

July 23, 2022, in Midtown Manhattan

Bride wearing a stunning platinum strapless ballgown kisses her groom wearing a charcoal grey suit behind a New York City subway turnstyle.

What is one thing you wish you knew when planning your wedding?

The photographer is worth the splurge!

A smiling bride wearing a stunning, strapless platinum ballgown walks hand in hand with her groom down cement stairs in Central Park surrounded by trees.

What advice would you give brides?

Everyone at your wedding is only there to celebrate you and your partner. They will be happy, regardless of if little details aren't perfect. Enjoy the day!

Bride and groom seen from behind bying an ice cream cone from a food truck.

What was your experience like at Premiere Couture?

It was so amazing. The staff was so wonderful and listened to everything that I wanted. They had amazing suggestions for me. I actually went back by myself after my initial appointment, just to get measurements taken for a dress I was thinking about ordering. On that second visit, the staff pulled out a dress that I hadn't previously tried on. It was a discontinued floor sample, and it fit perfectly. I fell in love with the dress, and ended up walking out with it that day!

Blonde bride wearing a stunning, strapless platinum ballgown smiles at her groom as they each hold one side of a large tambourine.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

Seeing all of our friends and family in one room together as we entered the reception was one of the greatest feelings of my life. My husband and I were able to blend our cultures and add our own personalities and interests to create a truly perfect day!

Beautifully dressed woman wearing a gold skirt and a red hijab and headphones stands beside a turn table and a laptop as the DJ of the wedding reception.

Any vendors you'd love to share:

Venue: Midtown Loft & Terrace (IG: @midtownloft).

Caterer: Creative Foods (IG: @creativefoodsctering).

Photographers: Christian and Cathy (IG: @cinderandco).

My bouquet and my husband's boutonniere are from TallulahRoseA


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