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Kayla & Nate

Today we are sharing Kayla & Nate's gorgeous wedding!

Tell us your love story:

We met at UW-Whitewater. I was a freshman and he was a senior. We didn't date at all when I was in college, we just knew of each other. We started dating after two of our friends got married. Their wedding is where we hit it off! He proposed Christmas eve 2019 after we had watched The Grinch! Christmas eve has always been one of my favorite days! We were both competitive swimmers, both swam at UW-Whitewater but never together. We are going to take our honeymoon where we had training trips since we never went together. Originally that is where Nate said he wanted to propose.

Where did the wedding take place?

We got married at the Lake Windsor Country club! It was so beautiful! We had a ceremony and reception there. It was a beautiful 70 degree day! We were the first to use the tent they put up which was just wonderful. We would highly recommend them for weddings, parties, any event.

What is one thing you wish you knew before getting married?

One thing I wish I knew before planning my wedding was to look at other wedding photos and see what we would want. I missed out on a few photos we didn't get because we didn't think about them and then all of a sudden the day was flying by so that was sad. What advice would you give to brides?

Advice to brides would be don't sweat the little things. Someone told me I was very calm for a bride and I said to them what do I have to be nervous about? My fiancé will either be at the altar or he won't either way we are going to have a party and have a great time! And I knew if anything went wrong the only person who would know was me (my husband helped a lot in the planning but I didn't think he would notice if something was off).

What was your experience like at Premiere Couture?

Premiere Couture was AMAZING!! I went one of the first days they were open after being shut down with Covid. I watched all of their videos for a while with their dresses for sale on FB. I felt so safe being there. My mom, sister, and I went on my birthday. They gave me a cupcake after we had found my dress and had a cute sign in the window! They made the day feel so special! We went through what felt like a lot of dresses and kept retrying dresses as I am sometimes indecisive. But finally picking one that was under budget so much I was under budget with the vail and alterations.

What is your favorite moment from your wedding day?

Our favorite moment of the Wedding was being able to see family and friends and enjoy the company of everyone! And finally become husband and wife.

DJ: Juke Box Bandstand Cake and pie: Carl's Cakes Photographer: Kayla E Photography Video: The Toast


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