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Real Premiere Couture VIP Bride: Jordyn

Oh my goodness. Jordyn was a truly exquisite bride! Today we are sharing Jordyn & Kyle's gorgeous wedding at Riverstone Premier Event Center. Their photos and sweet grandparent inspiration is inspiring!

Bride in wedding dress
Jordyn in her Premiere Couture dress!

Where did you get married? Riverstone Premier Event Center Fort Atkinson

What is one thing you wish you knew when planning your wedding? "I had a lot of advice going into it, and also really knew what I wanted, so I feel like I was well prepared and didn't really get blindsided by anything."

What advice would you give brides? "Stay true to yourselves and what you both want as a couple. Enjoy the planning process and celebrate along the way!"

Bride and Groom outside
The wedded couple with that married glow!

What was your experience like at Premiere Couture? "I had a wonderful experience at Premiere! It was the first and only shop I went to. I felt like we really had privacy for our group and the staff was cheerful and happy to be helping. It made the experience go really smoothly and overall was just a joyful day."

Bride and Groom pouring wine
Jordyn and Kyle during their wine ceremony

What was your favorite moment of your wedding? "I loved the ceremony. We wrote it together, my grandfather was the officiant, and my grandmother read the "wine ceremony" (like the unity candle, but with blending wines). It was light but full of love and really from our hearts "

Bride drinking wine during ceremony
Kyle admiring his bride, Jordyn

Any vendors you'd love to share: Photographer: Blu Photography and Design, LLC Florist: Draeger's Floral Venue: Riverstone Premier Event Center


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