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Ashley & Ben 1/22/2022

Ashley & Ben's love story started with chicken wings! 🍗❤

Tell us your love story

Ben and I met on a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel. Our first date consisted of our love of chicken wings at Chicken Licks which led to many more.

While we were out to dinner at Eno Vino my two best friends set up our house with flowers, candles and had one of my favorite songs "Cowboys and Angels" playing. They put a sign on our dog that said "Will you marry my dad" and hid behind furniture to take some pictures. Ben quickly went into the house and when I got in he was down on one knee attempting to hold on to our squirmy dog.

Where did you get married?

We got married on January 22, 2022 in Oregon, Wisconsin, at The Legend at Bergamont.

What is one thing you wish you knew when planning your wedding?

I've been pretty wedding obsessed my whole life so nothing surprised me.

(Oh my goodness, we love that so much!!)

What advice would you give brides?

It's your day do whatever you want. If people don't like it, who cares.

What was your experience like at Premiere Couture?

Premiere Couture was AMAZING! I tell everyone to go there. My very first wedding dress shopping experience was with them, and I bought one of the first dresses I tried on. I originally saw it on one of their Facebook Live events for their sample sale gowns. I was in love with this dress and it was only about $500. I canceled the other shop that I had an appointment at later that day because I had found my dress. Fast forward to 61 days before my wedding when I was at my first fitting. I hated my dress. It was not fitting well and I knew I didn’t have time to lose any weight to make it right. I called Premiere the next day and asked if I could come in to try on dresses again, specifically one that I had tried on at my original appointment. They did still have that dress, and if I liked it the designer had it in stock, in the US so they could have it within 2 weeks. I went in that week and knew that other dress that I tried on at my first appointment was the one. I also tried on more dresses that day than I did at my first appointment just to be extra sure. Since the sample was my size and the exact color I wanted (the one that could have come in 2 weeks was slightly more white), they let me purchase the sample. Additionally, to help me sell my original dress they sent me the video of showing the whole dress that they used for their Facebook Live event when I first saw it. My mom also got her dress at Premiere Couture, our experience with them for her appointment was wonderful as well.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding?

My favorite part of our wedding was when I came around the corner and saw Ben for the first time that day. The only tradition I was adamant about sticking to was not having a first look and I am so glad I stuck to that even though it would have been helpful to get pictures done before the ceremony.

Favorite Vendors:

Photographer: The Wedding Flashers by Foss Imagery

Hair & Make-Up: Allure Artistry


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