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Picture Perfect Makeup 101 with Tobi Bolt

Y'all. We just had such a great event for our Premiere Couture VIP Brides! Kicking off our continuing series of VIP Classes in our new store, Tobi Bolt, Mary Kay Makeup Artist, delivered real, applicable, beneficial, and smart make up tips. I cannot over-emphasize what a pro she is, not just with makeup, but with communicating a clear and caring message with kindness and passion. Everyone around here pretty much wants to be more like Tobi.

One of the foundational beliefs that Laura and I have built Premiere Couture upon is continually learning new things. Being exposed to different ideas and refusing to settle for the status quo has enabled us to pivot not just over the last couple of years, but for the last few decades. It is our hope that by offering VIP Classes to our brides that we will share our lifelong love of learning while giving them a chance to relieve some stress and have some fun along the way.

Now, back to our friend, Tobi, and her hour of power. It's one thing to hear great ideas and get really useful tips, it's another to actually see them in action. Our VIPs were amazing test models as Tobi demonstrated ideas born out of decades of experience but practical enough that everyone in attendance can apply them on their own every day.

I still can't believe how much Tobi packed into a single hour. Want to keep those brows tamed and not feel pulled this way and that with each new trend? What is the one thing you need to do to make certain your foundation is the right shade for you? How do make your skin glow like you are always bathed in good light? What if you aren't a makeup person at all and just want a little boost? And that's just the beginning.

Now let's talk nuts and bolts of our VIP Classes. We limit the number of brides and their plus ones to keep the atmosphere intimate and to make it possible for meaningful interaction between our instructors and their students. Unsurprisingly, our brides asked really great questions and Tobi offered insightful and useful answers.

At Premiere Couture sure, we start with the most beautiful, specially curated collection of wedding dresses you will find in the area, but how about after the dress? Guess what. Our brides become more valuable, not less. Once you become a Premiere Couture VIP, we will continue to look for ways to bring added value into your life before the wedding and after.

And if you know us at all, you know we can't resist an opportunity to serve some yummy treats, give away some fun swag, and chit chat a bit. (Shout out to my nephew Clayton for laser engraving some super fun tumblers for our brides. It's all about who you know, amiright?)

One more thing, this was such a great event that Tobi immediately agreed to offer her class a few times a year, so stay tuned! Next up is our Grand Opening. No class limits on this one so we hope to see you then!


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