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Real Premiere Couture VIP Bride: Molly

Today, we share Real Premiere Couture VIP Bride Molly's lush fall wedding to the love of her life, Derek, at The Gathering Barn at Busy Barns Adventure Farm.

groom and bride standing in a field
Derek and Molly are all smiles!

Tell us your love story.

We met in beautiful downtown Grand Forks one evening and never looked back! Derek proposed in our back yard of our new house the week we moved into it! I told him that it would be awesome if he could include my mom and dad as they are two very special people to me and I wouldn’t want them to miss being proposed to! I truly do not remember what he said (it was sweet) as I was in complete shock it was actually happening!

Groom and Bride sitting on a bar
Derek and Molly sharing the look of joy!

Where did you get married?

We got married at St. Patrick’s Church in my hometown of Whitewater, WI and then our reception was at the Gathering Barn in Fort Atkinson, WI.

bride and bridesmaids out in a field
Molly with her gorgeous entourage!

What do you wish you knew before planning your wedding?

One thing I wish I knew was all the little details and decisions you had to make 2-3 weeks out of the wedding. No one really dives deep all the prep work that goes into a wedding!

bride and groom cutting the cake
Molly and Derek enjoying the fun!

What advice would you give a bride just starting to plan?

The advice I would give future brides is just to have fun! If something goes wrong, it goes wrong. The day is about you and your husband and that is all that matters! Another thing I would do is have someone take lots of photos and videos on your phone so you can look back that night and remember how much fun you had!!

Bride and groom dancing
The look...

What was your experience like at Premiere Couture?

My experience at Premiere Couture was so amazing! I believe Sarah was my lady that day, and she was so kind and helpful. I really do appreciate that they have all sizes and are so inclusive of everyone that walks through their doors.

Bride with a group of family and friends in a bar
Molly is showing her excitement!

What is your favorite moment of the wedding?

My favorite moment of my wedding was probably just sitting with my husband and watching all of our friends and family have fun! I am a big people person and it was so fun and wild to see how many people have been a part of our lives and still a part of our lives to come help us celebrate our day!


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