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Lauren & Jordan

Jordan proposed to Lauren with a book listing 50 things he loved about her while playing their favorite song, "Better Together" by Luke Combs. With a proposal like that, you just know that wedding was going to be perfect❤

Tell us your love story.

We met at Dimensional, a local brewery in Dubuque, IA. There are pictures on our wedding day of us here and in the back drinking beer since we are now great friends with the owners.

He proposed on 12/6/2020, we were getting photos taken with the dogs for our Christmas card that year and it turned into me reading a book that told me all the things he loved about me and then proposing. We still are unsure of what he said when we asked because we were too caught up in the moment.

Where did you get married?

We got married at a barn, next to the very first place I beat him in mini-golf.

What's one thing you wish you knew when planning your wedding?

The details don't matter as much as I thought they would because you don't get to appreciate all of the tiny little things that day since you are so busy.

What advice would you give brides?

Try not to stress, even though it is impossible. Enjoy the day and the time up to that day, it will go by so fast you will be sad when it is over.

What was your experience like at Premiere Couture?

AMAZING experience. I loved everything about Premiere and getting my dress here.

What was your favorite moment of your day?

My favorite wedding moment was our sunset photos on the golf course. We ate dinner, or tried to eat at least, and went to enjoy some time just the two of us together. Just us and our photographer, for a moment, to get away from the chaos of everyone else and just be alone for a minute and enjoy this day of ours.


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