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It's Not (Just) About the Dress

This is important.

Even after decades in bridal world we're still amazed by the incredible events our brides put together. Not only are you just plain awesome, y'all are creative, organized, and inspiring! It's exhausting just thinking about it!

That's why we're so motivated to think of new ways to lighten your load, make this more fun, and to make this journey even more worth it.

You're putting everything into this so we are, too. You're doing so much so we think you deserve more, especially from us.

It probably sounds cliché, but right from the get-go you'll find our approach is different. Because while our bridal gown collection which we put together with infinite care and utter pickiness (is that a word?) is totally stellar, we're not foolish enough to believe that other stores don't have beautiful dresses, too. They do! (In some cases, even the exact same ones we have. Ope! Did I say that out loud?)

So it can't be just about the dresses, right? Of course not! It's about how you're treated, from start to end.

Are your ideas and dreams taken seriously?

Is it obvious that you personally matter?

Are your fears (let's face it, we all have them) addressed or dismissed?

Have you been heard?

They may seem like simple enough questions but there is so much to unpack with each one. And you can't get the right answers to these questions by chance or stumble into them naturally. You have to work at it and be intentional. You have to truly care. And that right there is Premiere Couture in a nutshell. We obsess over these things. These are the questions that we are determined to get right for every. single. bride.

Do other bridal shops think through these things like we do? We have no idea because we're not thinking about other shops. We're thinking about you, for real. And you'll notice, we promise.

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