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If I were to ask you to think of something that is very rare, what would come to mind? Precious gems? Classic works of art? Endangered species? Me too. You know what is just like that? A bridal shop owned and run by two lifelong friends for more than two decades. Heck, most businesses run by friends barely survive, much less thrive, and certainly not for so long.

While I was stuck driving through Madison really, really slow in the snow a few weeks ago (thank goodness spring is around the corner!) my thoughts turned to my friendship and business partnership with Laura and I once again marveled at it. Not only because of its richness, depth and longevity, but because of how different it makes the bridal shop we share - Premiere Couture, in the charming village of Cambridge, Wisconsin - from other bridal shops. A variety of things can distinguish one business from another: decor, energy, style, goals, methods, etc. But one thing that really sets ours apart is how foundational our friendship is to our boutique and how it permeates all that we do and all that we hope for our brides and our team. Does that make sense? If you knew what kind of friend Laura is to me, it would make sense that I would hope that you, too, have a friend who listens to you, understands you, supports you, brings out the best in you, doesn't dismiss you or your dreams, is straight with you, has high expectations for you and believes you can aspire to more than you think is even possible. It is through the lens of that kind of friendship that we see each person - bride, mom, teammate, everyone - who walks through our doors.

We know that brides aren't looking for new friends and new relationships to nurture when they are shopping for their wedding dress, but because of the strength of ours, we endeavor to extend all the good things that we experience in our friendship to you. It's a lofty goal for sure, but one we eagerly and diligently work toward every single day.


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