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Did someone say "Custom Jackets?"

Oh yeah- we did!

Getting married is one of the most exciting seasons in life, and it is a season filled with celebration, love, and self-expression! With all of the ways to celebrate, one of our current favorite ways to subtly (or not-so-subtly) commemorate this exciting season of life is with personalized jean jackets!

Whether you are the "Wife of the Party" or looking for a way to flaunt your new last name, there are so many ways to personalize one of these jackets and make it just as unique as you are. From your bridal shower to your bachelorette, to your rehearsal dinner, and all the way to your wedding day, having such a personalized and versatile accessory for all of your celebrations is so fun! (Plus- how fun would it be to wear this on your anniversaries?)

And if you're not a jean jacket kind of a gal, we totally get it, and we also have vegan leather jackets available as well, with all the same custom options as their jean counterparts.

When we say completely customizable, we mean it! You are able to change the font, color, embroidery, and sparkly accents to match your vibe.

If custom isn't so much your style, or you are slightly intimidated by all of the options, don't worry! We have an expansive collection of jackets in store, all showcasing different personalized options, and we can always order you one to match the one we have in store!

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