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Bride Tribes Grow Online

You don’t plan a wedding every day unless you are a wedding planner. In which case, Go You! But MOST of us don’t plan weddings every day. Which means it can be a bit overwhelming and feel like you are pulled in a bunch of different directions. But your engagement and wedding planning should be fun! You deserve to enjoy this time, that is like no other, and have time to soak up all the happy moments. One way to make sure that you can enjoy the time is by teaming up with other brides. You can share your questions, concerns, and your wins (which are super important and exciting to share!). One place to do this in on the Wisconsin Bride page on Facebook. But we also want to help our Premiere Couture VIP Brides with this.

We want to get to know you better, through the wedding planning and after, and help you connect with other brides. That is why we started a Premiere Couture VIP Bride Facebook Community. It is open to all Premiere Couture VIP Brides, whether you found your gown 28 years ago or yesterday. There are laughs, date night ideas, and Story Sunday, where we ask about everything from the story behind your ring to your favorite animals and family updates. This is also a great place to ask for recommendations or share wedding professionals that you have worked with and love. And, of course, we will be sharing all of the private events that are available to all you lovely PC VIPs here as well. 😊

If you are not already a part of this online community, please request to join! We are so excited to chat with you soon!


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