To unplug or not to unplug?

October 27, 2016




I'm certain you've heard of the unplugged wedding phenomenon.  If not, the idea is to leave the photography and videography to the professionals, allowing guests to truly be in the moment and take in the ceremony in all of it's significance and beauty.  I totally get it.  This video does a pretty awesome job of making a strong case, and a very amusing one at that, for the unplugged wedding. That being said, I have been a guest that takes photos at a wedding.  I love taking pictures and weddings are amazing. Capturing little bits of a dreamy day to relive and replay later brings me joy.  On the other hand, being part of the wedding world myself, I am very careful not to interfere with the hired professionals and make certain that I'm not making their job harder.  Things are different when I am not a mere guest, but part of the wedding family itself.  I am so confident in the abilities of the hired professionals and take such comfort in knowing that the memories of the day are in their capable hands (I'm looking at you, Front Room) that I take very few photos and usually not at the ceremony at all.  I'm in the center of the day and I relish that.  But I certainly don't begrudge the guests that aren't in that center that snap some pics; I absolutely love seeing the day from their perspective, too!


In the end, I think there are some important things to remember.  First, and foremost, respect whatever the bride and groom wish; you love them so this should be easy. Second, as guests, be sure to enjoy the moment!  A wedding is truly an amazing life event to witness and worthy of celebration.  And last, if, as part of being in the moment and it's encouraged by the couple of the day, you take some of your own photos, do it in a respectful manner that preserves the meaningful and celebratory nature of the day.


Anyways, that's my two cents.  What's your take on the uplugged wedding? Are we too integrated with our digital world to appreciate the moment?  Or do our ever-increasing technological capabilities enhance our appreciation?

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