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Lovely Lace Wedding Dresses

"I LOVE lace!" We hear this all of the time and it makes complete sense: lace is luxurious, beautiful, intricate, feminine and truly special. After all, lace isn't necessarily part of our everyday wardrobe which makes it perfectly suited to weddings. When it comes right down to it, though, there is an amazing variety of different lace patterns and looks. So the questions is: which lace do YOU love? Lace can be classic, boho, glamorous, vintage, nostalgic, modern, and the list goes on. Which do you prefer?

Amber by Casablanca Bridal is the definition of classic, both in the lace and the overall style. Which it's optional cap sleeves and flattering A-line shape you will fall in love.

With a nod to art deco style, Lyric from our Catherine Rose collection both modern and nostalgic. The incredible intricacy of the flowing lace pattern melds perfectly with the flattering fit and flare skirt you that will make feel just as beautiful as you actually are. Because you are beautiful. You know that, right?

Rhapsody from Catherine Rose is the classic mermaid and it's Alencon lace features pearls and beads to help you sparkle all night long.

And before you go, let me leave you with this fun fact: while we can likely trace the roots of the tradition of a white dress to Queen Victoria in 1840, the color was chosen specifically to show off the lace! Who could have known that bringing together two such perfectly suited elements in her wedding dress in an effort to draw attention to the struggling lace making industry, she would create such an enduring fashion legacy.

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